We ask you to take an On the Ball pack directly to your GP. Simply take it with you to your next appointment. 

The direct contact between patient and doctor is key. You don't have to be a patient with sarcoma: anyone can give a pack to their GP.

Our On the Ball pack contains:

a golf ball key ring with the message ‘Is it sarcoma?’ to act as a visual reminder to GPs about the red flag signs of sarcoma.

a Diagnostic Toolkit - an information sheet with clinical information about sarcoma, the red flag signs of sarcoma, and how to refer directly to sarcoma specialist centres for diagnosis and treatment.

Over 1,600 On the Ball  packs have been ordered*.  Help us reach your GP. Fill in the form below and we'll send you an On the Ball pack.

For more information about the 'On the Ball' campaign, please see  On the Ball campaign - more info

*June 2015