Sarcoma UK guides


Some of our littlest friends are our biggest fundraisers. We never cease to be amazed at the energy children have when they are directed by passionate teachers.

Invite us to speak at your assembly and we will tell your school about the work we do on behalf of people with sarcoma.

Some ideas for you to raise funds with your pupils:

  • Pick Sarcoma UK as Charity of the Year
  • Dress green day 
  • ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ style competition 
  • A summer fête
  • Sponsored silence (always a popular choice...)
  • Guess the amount of jelly beans jar
  • Teddy Bears picnic
  • Sponsored walk 


Colleges and universities

Attending lectures and writing essays are just part of it;  a well-rounded education should include group activities for noble causes. (It says nothing about how silly these activities should be, but we'll leave that to you.)

Invite us to talk to your soc or group. We would be happy to talk about the work we do at Sarcoma UK and how your efforts fund groundbreaking research and support for people with sarcoma. 

Some ideas for your soc or group to try:

  • Pick Sarcoma UK as your RAG's Charity of the Year
  • Bag Pack for us at your local supermarket
  • A University 'X-Factor' at your Student Union
  • A sponsored fashion show
  • A fancy dress crawl
  • Tug-of-War
  • Street fundraising (you need permission from Sarcoma UK to do this)

Tell us what you're doing

We love to hear what people are getting up to on our behalf! Tell us about your event and we'll send you a Sarcoma UK fundraising pack to help you get started. We have some materials to download too.

If it's a public event, we can promote it online. 

Show us what you've done

Post your pictures and stories to Facebook or Twitter (don't forget to tag us @Sarcoma_UK or use the hashtag #teamsarcoma).