Sarcoma UK Cake

You don't need an excuse to have some friends around for tea and cakes, but if you do, raising funds for Sarcoma UK is a very good one.

Invite some people around, ask them for a donation and that's all it takes.

What you do is up to you, but here are some ideas:

  • Hold a cake sale, any excuse to get friends together and eat chocolate.

  • Hold a coffee morning and invite the neighbours for a catch up.

  • Host a dinner party and ask guests to pay like they would in a restaurant.

  • Put out a copper jar, count it up at the end of each month.

  • Unleash your inner diva on a karaoke night

  • Hold a sleepover for the kids, charge them entry for a movie or games night.


Tell us what you're doing

We love to hear what people are getting up to on our behalf! Tell us about your event and we'll send you a Sarcoma UK fundraising pack to help you get started. We have some materials to download too.

If it's a public event, we can promote it online. 

Show us what you've done

Post your pictures and stories to Facebook or Twitter (don't forget to tag us @Sarcoma_UK or use the hashtag #TeamSarcoma).


Contact if you have any questions.