What is a Group Fund?

Our Group Funds are individual or groups of individuals dedicated to raising vital funds for the sarcoma community, in a loved one’s name.  They have all raised, or pledged to raise, £10,000 or more, either in memory of someone dear, or to support someone affected by sarcoma.

How do I set up a Group Fund?

Setting up a fund is easy: simply get in touch with Kat Tucker, our Group Fund Coordinator, who will help you get started.  Kat can answer any queries you may have and will act as your point of contact with Sarcoma UK.

You can contact Kat by email at katharine.tucker@sarcoma.org.uk or by phone on 020 7250 8271.

Who can set up a Group Fund?

In short: anyone who has raised, or pledges to raise, £10,000 or more.  If you are someone dedicated to raising funds in the name of an individual, then a Group Fund may be an option for you.  Group Funds can be set up by anyone in the sarcoma community: people affected by sarcoma, friends, families, carers, Sarcoma UK supporters.

Is there a fundraising target my Group Fund must meet?

Yes, we ask that anyone looking to set up a Group Fund pledges to raise, or has already raised, £10,000 or more.

What are the benefits of setting up a Group Fund?

A Group Fund is a powerful way to bring together family, friends and your community to raise vital funds and awareness for the sarcoma community.  Your Group Fund can act as a central focus point, and through your quarterly statements you will be able to report back on how much you have raised, and how these funds are directly impacting on the lives of people affected by sarcoma.

Setting up your own charity can be a difficult task.  By joining our Groups Funds, we will take care of the administration, whilst you can concentrate on what is important: raising funds and awareness of sarcoma, in the name of a loved one.

You will also have a dedicated Group Funds Coordinator, who can help with sending materials, supporting your events and helping with any queries.

What support will I receive from Sarcoma UK?

As little or as much as you need! Your dedicated Group Funds Coordinator will be on hand to offer advice, support and lots of enthusiasm to help out, however you have chosen to raise your funds.  Please feel free to ring the office or email, and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

To help promote your Group Fund’s fundraising and to raise sarcoma awareness, we have a range of materials to send you, including: posters, leaflets, T-shirts, running vests, collection boxes and wristbands.  If you’re stuck for ideas, you can order our fantastic guides: Your Handy Guide to Fundraising and Your Handy Guide to Ball & Dinners!

How will I know how much our Group Fund has raised?

We will send you a quarterly update to let you know your current fundraising total and how your money is helping the sarcoma community.

If you would like to know your fundraising totals before your quarterly update, please email or call us, and we will be happy to calculate your current total.

Can I fund a specific sarcoma sub-type through my Group Fund?

We ensure that all the funds you raise go towards our charitable objectives.  This means your Group Fund’s donations will go towards funding sarcoma research, as well as providing support and information and raising sarcoma awareness.

Sorry we can’t restrict your donations towards researching specific sarcoma sub-types, as in total there are over 100 different sarcoma sub-types.  The findings from many of our research projects can be spread over some or all of the sub-types, as well as different cancers.  You can view our current research projects on our website.

If you have any further questions about research, then please contact us by email at info@sarcoma.org.uk or by phone 020 7250 8271.