Postcards for MPs Sarcoma Awareness Week 2019

We need to make politicians and organisations sit up and take notice of sarcoma.

We are just one voice, but you are many. You can reach the people who can make decisions.

Let’s make them part of it.

Write to them

Write to your MP or representative in your own words. A small number of genuine messages is far more powerful than a lot of identical messages.

You can write directly to your representatives using Fill in your postcode and the site will find your local MPs, councillors, MEPs and members of your devolved government (in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales).

Send a postcard

Postcard Pack: The postcards have all gone. Thank you to everyone who asked for a pack. Don't forget to share your photos and videos.  

Help us put sarcoma on the agenda. Let us know who you’ve written to and if you get a response.

Together, we’ll make them part of it.


What should I say?

We need our representatives to understand that sarcoma is cancer and that it is affecting more people than they think.

  • Tell them about you and how sarcoma has affected you.
  • Tell them that we need new and better drugs and treatments.
  • Tell them that we need to fund research into sarcoma.
  • Send them to for more information.

Who to write to? *

Your MP: The MPs in the House of Commons are responsible for making laws in the UK and for overall scrutiny of all aspects of government. You can write to MPs at House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

Councillors: These are responsible for all aspects of local services and policy, including planningtransport, some roads, public rights of way, educationsocial services and libraries. You can find out who your councillors are and how to contact them at

MEPs: These represent you in the European Parliament. They scrutinise proposed European laws and the budget of the European Union, and provide oversight of its other decision-making bodies. Contact details are available at

House of Lords: While they are not elected by you, they do have votes in Parliament. Contact individual members at House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW.


As well as the above, people in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have additional representatives:

MLAs: Members of the Legislative Assembly in the Northern Ireland Assembly have full authority over "transferred matters", which include agricultureeducationemployment, the environment and health. Find your local Assembly member at the Northern Irish Assembly website

MSPs: In Scotland, your Members of the Scottish Parliament are responsible for a wide range of devolved matters such as educationhealthagriculturejustice and prisons. Find contact details for MSPs at the Scottish Parliament website

AMs: Assembly Members in the National Assembly for Wales has a wide range of powers over areas including economic developmenttransportfinancelocal government, healthhousing and the Welsh Language. Contact details for Assembly Members are on the National Assembly for Wales website


* Adapted from