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What does it sound like to have sarcoma in your life?

It’s difficult for people to understand what life is like when you’re affected by sarcoma. 

  • You might be feeling drained on a train home after chemotherapy.
  • You might be kept awake with ‘scanxiety’ knowing that your checkup results are out tomorrow.
  • You may be a carer hurrying back home after work ready to make sure your loved one is supported this evening.
  • You might be a nurse one your way to work the day after explaining to a child why she will lose her leg.
  • You might be remembering your loved one that you lost to sarcoma a year ago.

Let’s help people understand what it’s like. Grab your phone and hit record. Tell us who you are (if you want), what time it is, where you are right now and what you’re feeling. You can send the recording to us by email, Facebook or by text. Full details on how to do this below.

Whip out your phone and speak a few words at any time of the day and send it along to us. We'll stitch everything together and make it available to the world in an upcoming podcast.

You can be a patient, a carer, a friend, a fundraiser, a healthcare professional, a researcher, a service provider, You be you - as long as you have some connection to sarcoma. 

We're not looking for the extraordinary: you are enough. We’ll put your recording together into a special episode of our forthcoming podcast series. 

Making a recording is easy. You can grab your phone and make a recording in seconds. We've got instructions for iPhones, Android, and - maybe the easiest of all - Facebook Messenger.  

Don't worry if it's a bit rough and ready. We can tidy it up. 

How to make and send your recording