Sarcoma Awareness Week 2020

Sarcoma won't wait. Let's push things forward.

Sarcoma Awareness Week is our chance as a community to use our collective voice to be heard about sarcoma. Join us between 29 June and 5 July as we come together to push things forward. Sarcoma won't wait. 

You can do your bit by sharing and taking part online. Change your profile pic, create stories, tell your loved ones and tell us. It all helps. 

Use the hasthag #SarcomaWontWaitchange your social media profiles and download these colourful posters.

Here's what to expect this week.

Early Diagnosis Report

Poor awareness of the symptoms of sarcoma, one of the least understood forms of cancer among the public and healthcare professionals, compounded by a complex diagnostic pathway, is leading to a ‘perfect storm’ of delays to diagnosis that is devastating lives.  

You very clearly told us that things need to change. On Monday, we launch Demand early diagnosis, save lives, a report that tracks your experiences and outlines our pledge to improve early diagnosis in the UK.

Fundraisers in Lockdown

Covid-19 has transformed our lives. For some of us, the impact has been devastating with the loss of loved ones directly from the virus. For the rest of us, the impact is lesser but we’ve had to rethink how we work, socialise and live. For Sarcoma UK and our peers in the charity sector, there’s been a large decrease in donations as fundraisers are cut off from the usual ways of raising donations. 

This week we showcase the stories of very different fundraisers trying to overcome the limitations of lockdown. Their imagination and desire to keep pushing things on is inspirational. 

We want to hear from you too. Share your photos, stories and tips with the hashtag #SarcomaWontWait on any of our social media channels including Team Sarcoma: Community on Facebook. 

Join the Community Catch

You can help us push things along too. 

Add yourself to the Community Catch – our attempt to link as many of the sarcoma community as we can – with a can!  

It's easy and fun. Find out how to take part here.

Release your balloon

Take part in the School's Out Race at 8am Friday 3 July. Let’s fill the virtual sky with colourful balloons in memory of loved ones, or in celebration of the people here.  You could win one of three prizes too

Sarcoma Won't Wait

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Sarcoma won't wait. Neither will we.