Parliament at Holyrood, Scotland

Sarcoma UK is the voice of the 5,300 people diagnosed with sarcoma every year, as well as everyone else affected by sarcoma.

The policy team looks for evidence to develop policy which will influence key decision makers in the Government, NHS, and research communities. We want to make sure everyone affected by sarcoma has access to the best possible treatment and care. Working across the UK to develop and drive policy solutions, we aim to bring about change by improving outcomes and services for patients with sarcoma.

We’re focused on increasing sarcoma awareness where it matters. We know the importance of earlier diagnosis and access to treatments and we're committed to championing and funding much needed science and research into sarcoma. Our supporters, healthcare professionals, and researchers work closely with us to ensure that the biggest issues they face are addressed.


Early and Accurate Diagnosis

Early and accurate diagnosis is key to successful treatment of sarcoma and greatly improves chances of survival. However, delays in diagnosis, or incorrect diagnosis, are not uncommon. To have more impact, we work in partnership other organisations to address this issue, and change the diagnostic landscape for sarcoma in the NHS.

Access to the best care

We’re committed to helping people with sarcoma access the most effective treatments for their cancer. Whether that’s treatments (such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or proton beam therapy), or access to psychological support, we want to make sure that all patients, no matter where they live in the UK, should be able to access the most appropriate evidence-based treatment in a sarcoma specialist centre.

Supporting research science

We still don't know enough about sarcoma. While more research is needed, there hasn’t been enough investment in this area. Sarcoma UK works closely with national bodies and the research community to enable and ensure continued investment into understanding sarcoma and developing treatments.


Data on sarcoma in the UK is incomplete and hard to access. We work with national governing bodies and sarcoma specialist centres to improve data collection and publishing data on sarcoma in the UK. Accurate and high quality data is essential to monitor and improve outcomes for patients, and drive research questions.