Below you'll find a list of trials that are currently taking place in the UK. We update this list regularly, so it's worth coming back if you don't immediately find a trial that is appropiate for you.

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The safety and validity of each trial is the responsibility of its sponsor (the company/body that funds it) and its investigators (the clinicians and researchers running the trial) and not of Sarcoma UK. The information we provide is limited, and does not include all details relevant to participation in a trial. We aim to provide accurate and up to date trial information, however we rely on sources outside of Sarcoma UK to do this. 

Sarcoma Type: 
Desmoid-type fibromatosis

A trial looking at how safe and effective a new drug called nirogacestat is for patients with progressing desmoid tumours, and whether there are any side effects.

Sarcoma Type: 
Soft tissue sarcoma

Full title: Avelumab  and hypofractionated Palliative radiotherapy in metastatic soft-tissue sarcoma (APPLE)

Age: 18+
Status: Open
Phase: Phase I