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Lorna Kennedy

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Lorna lives in Cornwall, and was the Patient Involvement Co-ordinator at Sarcoma UK until 2023. Her role focused on ensuring all the charity’s work has input from patients and supporters. Lorna brought her personal experience of previously having a soft tissue sarcoma.

‘I joined Sarcoma UK fresh off a career in nursing and was previously a Specialist Nurse in Upper GI cancers.

In 2018, my horse, Fiddler, nipped me on the right forearm, and I became aware of an innocuous lump on the same arm. It was about 4cm big, not painful, but it didn’t seem to go down – in fact, it looked like it was getting bigger, and fast. I like to think that Fiddler somehow alerted me to its presence.

I went to my GP to explain I needed an urgent ultrasound referral for a possible sarcoma. I was lucky that the GP took my concerns seriously and didn’t say my nursing background had made me neurotic, and she referred me on an urgent referral pathway for a possible myxofibrosarcoma.

Nearly three years following treatment, here I am: excision, reconstruction with skin taken from my thigh, and six weeks of radiotherapy.

Three years later, my cancer journey led me to a new role as the Patient Involvement Co-ordinator at Sarcoma UK. The role will continue to develop patient involvement in all aspects of the organisation’s work.’


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