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75% of people don't know or are not sure what sarcoma is.

With your help, we can change that. Let's find allies who can bring about real change and make them #PartOfIt.


Vote for your priority

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Funding research, providing support, educating the public... Sarcoma UK has a lot of work to do and a lot of possible ways to do it.

What should we prioritise? Vote for the issues that mean most to you. 


Change your social media profiles for the week

Let's turn social media green for the week of 1-7 July.  Download banners for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitch here

Choose a Sarcoma UK #PartOfIt Facebook Frame. 

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  1. Go to
  2. Click your profile picture in the bottom left and select your Page.
  3. Search for a frame by entering the 'Sarcoma UK' or '#PartOfIt'.
  4. Choose the one of the three frames you want to use from the results.
  5. Click Use as Profile Picture.

Use Twitter or Facebook with the #PartOfIt Twibbon

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  • Link your social media accounts to our special #PartOfIt Twibbon campaign.
  • Use this to change your profile picture, share a special message, Tweet your support and download a Facebook page banner



Host a Big Picnic

Big Picnic 2019

Changing lives is a piece of cake.

Take part in Sarcoma UK’s Big Picnic this July to raise awareness and funds to change the lives of people affected by sarcoma.



Write to your MP

Postcards for MPs Sarcoma Awareness Week 2019

Help us reach the people with power.  Tell your MP, local councillors, members of the House of Lords, MEPs or local parliament how sarcoma has affected you and what they can do about it. 

Make your local representative #PartOfIt by contacting them online.  Find out how


Now hear this - Moments in your day

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It’s difficult for people to understand what life is like when you’re affected by sarcoma. ​ Let’s make them part of it.

Grab your phone and hit record. Tell us who you are (if you want), what time it is, where you are right now and what you’re feeling. You can send the recording to us by email, Facebook or by phone message to 07593 743929.

Whip out your phone and speak a few words at any time of the day and send it along to us. We'll stitch everything together and make it available to the world in an upcoming podcast.