Sarcoma UK fundraising skydivers

People in the UK are incredibly generous and supportive of charities, making investment in support and research possible despite the lack of government support. You can make your page stand out in several ways:

Update your story

Tell everyone why you are looking for sponsorship. Are you taking this challenge to celebrate a loved one? To achieve something personal to you? To tell the world about something that is important to you?

When you tell people your story, your passion will come though and people are more likely to support you.

Use words and photos

Fill your page with words, photos and even video. Let people see photos of you in your training kit, in the kitchen while baking or some of the beautiful scenes that you cycle through. Introduce yourself with a quick video. You don’t have to be a Spielberg to make a video - the message is more important than the style.

It’s all gone a bit quiet...

It happens. After the first rush of sponsors, donations can slow to a dribble. Don’t be discouraged. After all, some people may not have seen your first post on Facebook or maybe your email went into a spam folder (hopefully not). A few gentle reminders before the big day will help make sure everyone who wants to help knows what you are doing.

A good way to remind people about your event or challenge is to post updates. Use social media to post more frequent updates and choose email for less frequent, landmark updates.

What sort of updates can I make?

Think of your preparation as an adventure. Things will happen along the way that will surprise, challenge or even annoy you.  Keep your supporters informed about these things by updating your page and sharing through social media.

Reaching a milestone figure as you approach (or exceed) your target

  • “At 50% already! You guys are so generous!”
  • “Only £150 to go. ”
  • “Special thanks to my workmate Jaz whose donation has pushed me over £350!”

A good training session

  • “Reached 6K today. Totally shattered, but now more confident that I can reach 10K by September!”
  • “Cycled further than ever before today. Ok, got a bit lost, but totally worth it...”
  • “Be careful out there. Had to leapfrog over a startled terrier as I ran down Exmouth Market #mypoorheart”

Reminders why you are doing this

  • “[My mate] Dave is currently receiving therapy from a Cognitive Therapist which has been of great help to him as he simply refuses to give in - that is his challenge, so please can I urge you to donate to mine, and support his chosen charity, Sarcoma UK.”  Dave
  • “Sarcoma is not a cancer with a high profile and Sarcoma UK is not a charity that is commonly fundraised for. I want to help to change this and to raise money for the charity that helps to research treatments for this rare cancer that has affected my sister and our family.” Lucy & Eva
  • “I'm almost at the end of my chemotherapy treatment and I'm pleased to say we have had positive results. As my dad always said " it's tough at the top" he also taught me to work hard and keep going no matter how tough so keep fighting is the order of the day! With the help of some close friends we hope to raise as much awareness and of course cash which will help Sarcoma UK and sarcoma patients.” Joseph

Some facts about sarcoma

  • “Ten people are diagnosed every single day in the UK”
  • Sarcoma is a very rare cancer. It makes up about 1% of all cancer diagnosed each year or 3,800 people.
  • Since 2009, Sarcoma UK have invested over £1 million in finding better ways to treat and even cure sarcoma.
  • Sarcoma UK receives no government funding. All of their income comes from the generosity of donors and fundraisers.
  • More about Sarcoma UK's work

We are so grateful for your energy and for the effort that you put into raising funds for Sarcoma UK. Your hard work makes a real difference in the lives of so many people.

As you support us, remember that we are here to support you too.